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Spain Trade & Investment Report

I put together a trade and investment report on Spain for Steven Nivin at the Saber Institute (www.saberinstitute.org).  The San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce will be taking a mission to Spain and Steve thought some information on Texas trade and investment ties would be of interest to the delegates.  Here are the findings from the report and I’m also positing the pdf of the report.

Spain Trade & Investement Report–5.9.2011


US exports to Spain averaged 1% of total U.S. exports from 1989 to 2010. U.S. exports
to Spain grew from $4.8B in 1989 to $10B in 2010.1
– Texas exports to the world have grown steadily from $83B in 1999 to $207B in 2010.
– Texas trade with Europe from 2005 to 2009 grew by 62% making it the fastest growing
region for Texas exports.
– Spain’s investment in the U.S. grew by 500% from $7B in 2005 to over $43B in 2009.
– Texas trade with the EU15:
– Exports grew from $12.6B in 2005 to $21B in 2010.
– Imports from the EU15 fell from $27B in 2008 to $23B in 2010.
– Top Texas exports in 2010: chemicals ($5.6B); petroleum and coal ($4.4B); computers
and electronics ($3.5B); machinery ($2.5B); and transportation equipment
– Top Texas imports in 2010: transportation equipment ($3.3B); machinery
($3.2B); and chemicals ($2.5B).
– Texas trade with Spain:
– Exports grew from $290M in 1999 to $675M in 2010.
– Top Texas exports in 2010 were chemicals ($197M); petroleum and coal ($123M);
computer and electronic products ($83M); and machinery ($82M).
– Top Texas imports in 2010 were petroleum and coal ($248M); primary metal
manufacturing ($152M); chemicals ($131M); and machinery ($114M).


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