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Foreign Direct Investment

I’m in Charlotte, NC, for the IEDC conference. Today was the first full day and attended a morning panel on “Today’s FDI Trends.” Good panel with some interesting data on FDI trends over the past couple of years. Here are a few notes that I jotted down during the session from panelists Christopher Knight of fDi Intelligence; Paul Kleijne of ARCU Plus and Joe Phillips of OCO Global.

– FDI flows to the US totaled $1.7T over the last 10 years; $194B in 2010.
– Of the top 10 countries that are sources of FDI flows to the US, six of them are from Europe followed by Japan and Canada. These top 10 countries of FDI flows to the US have not changed over the last 15 years.
– In 2009, The Netherlands’ FDI flows to the Texas totaled $9.4B and employed 100K.
– To date for 2011, Texas has received 61 FDI projects creating 17K jobs representing a 14% growth over 2010.
– Up to 2007, the top US states for FDI were California, New York and Texas. Since 2007, the top states have expanded to include California, New York, Texas, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and other states in the Southeast.

The conclusion of the panel was that in the near-term, FDI flows will continue to increase to the US and that sources of FDI flows will continue to come from the countries above. However, communities need to begin to look at other sources of FDI including China, Brazil, and India.


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