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New Study Shows the Military Contributes Over $27 Billion to the San Antonio Area Economy

Although not an export-related story, I had the opportunity to work on this economic impact study of the military in San Antonio.  In brief:

San Antonio is home to more Department of Defense (DoD) students and active runways than any other military installation and houses the DoD’s largest hospital and only Level-One Trauma Center providing health care support to more than 250,000 veterans and their dependants.

To capture the military’s economic impact in the community, the City of San Antonio’s Office of Military Affairs and Economic Development Department commissioned a study conducted by the SABER Institute which concluded that in 2011, the DoD:

  • Provided a $27.7 billion economic impact
  • Supported the employment of 189,148 in the community
  • Awarded $4 billion in local contracts including $1.5 billion to the SA2020 targeted industries of Aerospace, Biosciences/Healthcare and Information Technology and Cybersecurity.
  • Supported over 55,000 DoD retirees who reside in the area

Without question, the military has been and will continue to be an important part of San Antonio’s community and economy.

Below is the link to learn more about the study and to download the full report.




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