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When the Americans Turned the Tide – NYTimes.com

One of the results of the First World War is that it started the process of the US’ rise as a world power.  Since then, we have been, at times, struggling to accept this role.  What resonates with me about why the US needs to stay actively engaged in the world are quotes like these.  They let us know that its not just the politician who needs the US but the ordinary citizen who wants the US to be engaged.

At his restaurant in Mancy, Mr. Blanchard has filled glass cases with World War I uniforms, rifles, front pages of newspapers and other memorabilia. Surrounded by the past, he is worried about the present, with extremist politics bubbling up in France and Russia menacing Ukraine. The United States may no longer be the young, brash power coming to save the day, he suggested, but in many European eyes it remains what Madeleine K. Albright, the former secretary of state, once called “the indispensable nation.”“If the United States is less powerful, ” he said, “extremism could become stronger here.”

via When the Americans Turned the Tide – NYTimes.com.


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