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Reports: Exports a driver of jobs, economic growth | TheHill

Continued good news for US exports and the 11 million jobs they support! The Commerce Department research shows that exports of U.S. goods supported 7.1 million jobs and that overall goods and services exports — which totaled $2.3 trillion — supported more than 11.3 million American jobs in 2013. via Reports: Exports a driver of … Continue reading

September 2011 US & Texas Trade Report

US exports continued to increase rising by $2B in September to a total of $180B. US imports held steady at $223B and the trade deficit shrank by $2B to $43B.  For Texas exports decreased to $21B, imports decreased to $26B and the trade deficit also decreased to $5B. US & Texas September 2011 Monthly Trade … Continue reading

BEA August 2011 Trade Report

Attached is the August 2011 trade report from the BEA. trad0811_fax

August 2011 US & Texas Trade Report

The US August 2011 trade report was recently released and there is not a lot of news on the trade front.  US exports and imports for August held steady from July at $178B and $223B respectively.  Likewise the US trade deficit held steady at $45B.  For Texas, there was a little bit of news since … Continue reading

US and Texas Trade Report – July 2011

This is the first in what I hope to be a monthly report on US and Texas Trade from the US Census Bureau.  Below is a short report on US and Texas trade results for July 2011. US & Texas July 2011 Monthly Trade Report

July 2011 US Export Fact Sheet

Attached is the latest US Export Fact Sheet from the International Trade Administration.  Good news is that the number of US jobs supported by exports increased by 500,000 since 2009.  Bad news is that US exports declined by .5% from April to May 2011.  However, US exports have increased by 16.4% over from January 2011. … Continue reading

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